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Hint! Welcome to Vividly, platform allows you to prepare and customise your model (project) for web and presentation in VR. Here is quick guide how to get started.

Hint! How to prepare your model for vividlyapp and better output in VR?

Which file formats are compatible with Vividlyapp?

Vividlyapp is currently supporting .obj , .fbx and .dae formats. Keep to file size less than 50MB for the best possible experience.

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Does Vividlyapp have material support?

Vividlyapp does not have material support at the moment. We're constantly working on new features, so updates are coming.

What if I don't see my model's glass elements in Vividlyapp?

Name those elements as "glass" or include the word "glass" in the name of elements in your modeling software.

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What if my model is too big?

You can resize your model in your 3D modeling software.The size is affected by the complexity of your scene.

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How do I position my model?

In Vividlyapp the grid represents the ground level, use the arrows to position your model and use the ring to rotate it.

Is my model true to scale?

Vividlyapp adjusts the scale according to the volume. Use human figure as reference point to set the scale factor manually and the slider for minor adjustments.

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Can I use my own style?

For now you can only use our selected styles but stay tuned for upcoming updates!

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What are viewpoints and how do I use them for my project?

Viewpoints are quick reference points to help viewer navigate through the project by teleportation and flythrough. All viewpoints are preset at 1.7m height.

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How my project will look like when shared?

Use "preview" step to see how your project will look like when opened by viewer or embedded to your website.

How do I know my project was saved?

Your project is saved automatically.

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How do I make changes or edit my project after shared link is received?

The link of your project is constant and it is updated every time you make changes in your project.

Who owns my model? Can someone besides me access my files? Is it safe?

You can feel secure about your models inside Vividlyapp. All your files are encrypted in our server and only you can have an access to them.

How can I use and share my project?

On last step use the dedicated buttons to share on social media, copy the link to share manually or use the special link to embed it on your webpage.

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How to use VR mode?

Open your project from mobile or head mounted VR device, click on VR icon and start using.

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"Your browser does not support WebGL and it’s extensions..."

Make sure you are using of one the modern/latest web browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

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Welcome to Vividly Beta

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